Inspecting Solutions

Inspecting Solutions

Tabulate Decision Rule


Impulse Response Functions

Dolo.response โ€” Function.

Function "response" computes the impulse response functions with several major options:

  • the user can provide a vector with the first values of the model's exogenous processes, e1.

  • the user can provide a name of the shock of interest and the size of the shock_name.

  • the user can provide only a name of the shock of interest. The size of the shock is assumed to be a one standard deviation given in the yaml file.


  • model::NumericModel: Model object that describes the current model environment.

  • dr: Solved decision rule.

  • e1::ListOfPoints: List of initial model's exogenous processes values.

  • If e1 is not provided, then:

    • shock_name: the name of the shock of interest.

  • optional:

    • Impulse: the size of the shock; default: one standard deviation.

    • s0::ListOfPoints: List of initial state variable values; default: model.calibration[:states]


  • response: Impulse response function.


Stochastic Simulation

QuantEcon.simulate โ€” Function.

This is the one we document.